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Drivers License

Liability Only
Up to 5 Drivers

Daily Coverage

Short Term Coverage

6 Month Coverage

Long Term Coverage
Up to 6 Months

Annual Coverage

Long Term Coverage
Up to 12 Months

Mexico Insurance Center - Policy Information

Drivers License

Liability Only

A driver's license policy is a "Liability Only" insurance binder written on your state drivers license. It allows you to drive any vehicle in Mexico and meet the Mexican government requirement of liability insurance for tourists.

What it DOES NOT provide is any medical coverage or any other drivers while in Mexico.
A single drivers license policy can be written to cover up to five different drivers as long as they all live under the same roof.

There is additional charge for each driver, but it alleviates the need for four separate policies.
This is typically purchased by couples traveling together or those who make numerous trips into Mexico in a single year using different vehicles without regard to coverage for theft, collision, fire, or any of the other coverage's provided by a full coverage policy.


Short Term Coverage

Daily coverage is for Motorcycle
Quad/ATV/Sand Buggy/Golf Cart

When traveling to Mexico by ANY motor vehicle you are required to have liability insurance from a Mexican insurance company. Coverage for fire, theft and collision is not required, but is highly recommended and is purchased by most tourists. The state of Arizona provides a special license for selling Mexican insurance, as do some other states. Buying it in the USA from a properly licensed producer (agent), or broker, means your agent speaks English should there be a problem. Thus, no long distance calls to Mexico in Spanish. In addition, most agencies in the United States carry Error and Omission insurance just in case they do something wrong that causes you to suffer a loss.

6 Month/Annual

Long Term Coverage

Mapfre provides the best value in annual auto insurance policies in the United States, and we sell Mapfre Tepeyac insurance for tourists driving to Mexico.

The first Tepeyac policy we sold was in 1991.

Our annual rates are some of the lowest you will find, and our company, Mapfre Tepeyac, maintains a rating of "Excellent".
Our 6 month rates are the same policies for half the time, and the premium part is discounted around 20%. We call these our "Canadian Special" policies. We encourage you to compare our rates, then call (email) your friends and tell them why you are buying from us!

Our policies are "no refund" policies, so if you leave Mexico early, there's no refund! But, they save you a lot, and that's one of the reasons we are able to maintain such low rates.

Legal Information

Special Precautions

Remember that you are in another country.
The law and traffic regulations are different from those at home.
If your car is not drivable and you need to leave the country, please work with your Mapfre
Tepeyac adjuster to obtain a special government permit.
For insurance needs, please contact your nearest Mapfre Tepeyac office.
Take all necessary precautions in order to prevent further damages.
Do not make any arrangement with third parties. Do not admit liability or make offers of payment
without previous consent from the adjuster of the company.
Any accident must be reported to our adjuster or to the Mexican authorities while your insurance
policy is in force and before re-crossing the border, otherwise your claim may not be honored. 

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